Music for my People is a 12-track album with a comprehensive approach that echoes many rhythmic languages, multi-generational comradery in sound, an exploration into self-identity. The creation is weaved in the fabric of family, community, country, the African continent and the world. The Jazz genre is interpreted in its many phases and decades, carrying along with the introspective experiences linked to those specific relevant times. The album is not carefully curated and synchronised to direct you from one point to another but more so a puzzle that pieces the listener’s personal interpretative experiences together, just as how Mashiloane’s journey of music has been.

“His playing sounds more like a daring speech as a consequence of his deliberate vocabulary, articulation and modulation. Other than his brilliant piano technical prowess, he commands an impressive ability to use his instrument to inspire and re-direct the energy of the music with perfect timing. He also seems to have mastered the art of altering the music elements and textures on the record but still retain the overall identity of the album.” Njabulo Madlala